(Dir. LAUREN COONEY | UK | 2017 | 10m)

A lesbian couple are enjoying an intimate bath together, cocooned from a day party pumping next door where some of the revellers threaten to shatter the purity of their love.

"FLUID is about the fragility of establishing and maintaining a real intimate connection. We are privy to the blossoming romance of two women, whose love is threatened by past actions. Set amidst a backdrop of international young people struggling to find a sense of 'home' in a community increasingly by gentrification, depression and disconnection. Connections for contemporary young people are fragile, transactional, disconnected and fluid. Ultimately this is a love story, and through an immersive story-telling format, our audience will be swept up into their celebration."


- Lauren Cooney, Writer-Director 

First Floor

85 Great Portland Street

London W1W 7LT


CIC: 12132287



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