(Dir. JONATHAN BLAGROVE | UK | 2020 | 9m)

Tommy, an out of work building contractor, receives a series of phone calls that expose a lie he must confront before the consequences spiral out of control.

“With HOLD I wanted to make a thriller where the characters and drama were firmly based in reality; a slice of genre filmmaking that would be more relatable to our audience. Tommy isn't necessarily a bad person, he's human, fallible and 'in too deep', but ultimately his decisions have put his family in very real danger.


On first look this is a heist or getaway film, our protagonist in place, engine running, as the clock ticks down, but really HOLD is about the choices that we make in life and how a single decision can have serious consequences further down the road.

– Jonathan Blagrove, Writer/Director

First Floor

85 Great Portland Street

London W1W 7LT


CIC: 12132287



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