A huge part of what we do relies on our community, industry and corporate partner organisations and there are many ways to partner with us. 


We run a range of community programs, linking young people with our team to enhance their skills through filmmaking and content creation. Providing an environment to learn new skills and interact with the community. 


Industry organisations frequently use us to diversify their recruitment process and access our large talent pool of underrepresented young people and brands use us to allow that talent pool to put their skills to work in creating marketing and promotional videos. 


We’re constantly working with and looking for new organisations to work with, if you’d like to be a part of our story please contact Glen Funnell on

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“‘Inclusivity & Diversity are words that are throw around a lot in the creative industries. Signature Pictures is one of the few places
making them stick. We need more companies like this.”
HENRY BARNES, Digital Editor
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Signature Pictures Academy alumni being put forward for entry level positions across the ITV broadcast productions.